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It is all of Grace

October 25, 2013


Last published on Aug 25, 2011.. Whaat?????

Haha..  Writer's block for two years.. 
Many things had happened in these past two years..
Fell in love, broken-hearted, sickness, new job, new life, new place, new friends, new church.. and so on..
To wrap it all.. I can say it in a word.. GRACE..
Yeah.. that's right.. Grace.. waiit.. that's not a name of a girl.. (well actually it is a name of a friend) but anyways.. what I meant by Grace is God's Grace..
For these past two years, I can see how God's grace abounds upon me.. 
I've been to the deepest and darkest pit.. I've done the worst that I thought I’ll ever be able to forgive myself.. 
When I was in the middle of this darkest moment of my life, I thought I would never be loved and accepted anymore.. I thought that was the life I have to live in, suck it up and die.. But then guess what.. all these negativities can't stand a chance before the love of God..
In my childhood (ah.. good ol'days..)  I always knew that God is good and He died for me.. But to know that now after all these transgressions is opening  a totally different perspective..
Different?! How ?! 

Let me elaborate it..
God is good.. Indeed.. He is good all the time.. but I also can say the same thing about my landlady, my co-worker or the random people I met.. 
God is good.. Yes He is.. How good ?
The goodness of God is everlasting.. His love for us is soo amazing that our tiny little brain can never understand.. 

I, myself could never comprehend the love that He has for me..
I knew God love me, but when I did/do something wrong, these wrong doings would deduct the love He has for me.. au contraire, if I do nice things, being a good girl, than God will love me more, and He'll bless me more.. I WAS WRONG!!!
Because there's nothing, nothing, in this whole wide world can change God's love..
Nothing can come between me and God.. Nothing can separate me from His love.. 
There's no sin that so worst and can't be paid by His blood..
I can do the most heinous crime and that won't change the reality that God ALREADY paid the price. It ALREADY done. It ALREADY happened. We're not talking about the future, like when I sin and repent then God is gonna pay me with His blood and set me free. Nope. He ALREADY paid it. His blood ALREADY shed. IT IS DONE.

So you see, there's nothing you can do "to help" Him. We just need to accept it and live to love. I can say that I don't deserve this love. I have been so many times reject Him, push Him away, but He just keep coming and hold me. I have none in me that makes me deserved all His salvation. But, that's the point. GRACE. It is all of Grace.

That's how big is His love for us. 
And that love is stay the same. Unchanging. Unshakeable. 

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