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Dear Boy

July 1, 2009

This next letter is for boys. It also copied from facebook. Thought it'll mean something for all the boys out there..

"Dear Boy,

I’m not sure how to say this, or even how much I should say. But I’ve been thinking about something a lot lately, and how it will affect us when we meet, as we fall in love, and when we join together in marriage.

What I want to talk about is your purity. Odd, isn’t it, that a random girl would bring this up? But I think as I explain you’ll see why and I pray that you’ll understand how important it is to me. Especially because someday I won’t be just a “random girl” but your wife.

Did you know that I think about how you’ll someday look at me? I can imagine the way your eyes will light up and I can almost hear you tell me how beautiful I am. I get butterflies when I think of your smile as I walk into the room. I know I’m not the most beautiful girl in the world, but I have to admit, thinking that maybe you will think I am…I can hardly believe I’d ever be that blessed.

But then, another thought comes into my mind. What if you don’t think I’m the most beautiful? What if you’ve already seen a different definition of “beauty”? What if I can’t satisfy you just as I am?

What if you’re addicted to pornography?

That thought makes me catch my breath. My heart even tightens some with fear. I may not look at pornographic material, but I know I don’t look like those women. I think all females hate being compared to another woman, but when it comes to this…

I don’t think you know how desperately I want you to love me. And to love the way I look. When you look at me and smile…I want you to think of me. When you kiss me for the first time…I want that to be the memory you hold on to, the picture you pull up in your mind when you’re working or driving.

And I want you to treasure my purity, my innocence. I’m saving not only my body for you…but my mind and my heart as well.

And it’s hard. When you look around, I know you see the girls who are wearing too little clothing. I’m not in that group. Would you believe it’s difficult to even find clothes that are modest? But I work hard to stay modest with the way I dress and the way I act. I want to protect you and all of your friends. I don’t want anyone else to think of me in a way that should only be for my husband.

For you. Someday.

I know this is asking a lot of you. Men are so different from women, and I don’t really understand your struggle with keeping your mind pure, with the battle that comes with guarding your eyes. And I know that no one is perfect. I’m sure you’ll make mistakes. I just want you to try. If you love me…

Please hear me. Please guard your eyes. Please save yourself. Your body, your mind, your heart. For me.

Yours Truly,

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