"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter" Dr. Martin Luther King Jr

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Dear Girl...

June 30, 2009

I read this article on facebook few days ago. I think it's great to copy, paste and post the article here..

"Dear Girl,

There’s something that’s been bothering me. Every time I think of it, I want to say something, but it never seems to come out. So, I thought I’d write you a letter.

You may not know me yet. I may not even know you yet. But someday, you’ll be my wife. I want to be able to share everything with you. My dreams, my work, my heart. And I want my heart to be whole, to give you all of it. I want my mind pure, so that I can truly delight in your beauty.

But I’m afraid that I have to fight to do that. Everywhere, pictures and movies and music, all pull my mind and my heart towards impure thoughts and desires. If I give in and stop fighting, I know I’ll become a prisoner of the very thing I’m struggling against. I know you don’t understand this. And you don’t have to understand it all. I don’t want you
to understand all of it, because that means you would have the same struggles I have.

But I need you to help me.

I need you to be careful in how you dress. And how you move. The girls who wear really short skirts, or really tight shirts, they definitely get attention from guys. But trust me, it’s not the attention you want. I know. To be blunt…they aren’t admiring those girls’ beauty or “cuteness.” It’s purely sexual lust.

Then the guys like me, who don’t want to think like that, have to look away. Maybe even ignore those girls. I don’t want to see that much of any
woman. Because I want to someday see only you, as my wife.

I have another blunt thing to say. Besides not wanting to see other girls’ bodies…I don’t want another man to see yours. Ever. Yes, that’s kind of possessive. But it’s also protection. I want to guard you from the guys who would want to take advantage of you. I know you don’t want men to think of you in an impure way. It's degrading to you.

Can you see how important this is to me?
This isn’t just a “you know, if you have time or think about it” deal. This is
serious to me. This is the life or death of my purity. I love you and want to
save myself for you. Modesty is a tool you can strengthen me with, even protect me with. Immodesty is a weapon that cuts me down.

In this area, I’m at your mercy.

If you love me…please. Hear me. For your sake…for my sake.

Yours Truly,

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