"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter" Dr. Martin Luther King Jr

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December is here!!!

December 2, 2013

Udah December ajeeehhh..
Tahun 2013 akan segera berakhir dan akan memasuki tahun yang baru.. I'm sure each and every one of us has our own stories to tell..
We're all waiting this year to end with the same question : Is it gonna be a happy ending or a tragedy??
Life is hard.. life is tough.. but believe me, we don't have to deal with it ourselves.. we have God.. we have Jesus.. He loves you so veryyyyy much.. and He cares for every details of your life.. even little things we might take for granted.. Man, He even died for you because He loves you so veryyy much..

Don't ever listen to the voice that says you have to do certain things to make God bless you or love you more.. or when you do something wrong God will hate you and condemn you..
God loves you no matter what.. He created us.. He knew from the beginning what stupid thing we're gonna do, what sin we're gonna commit, what time we're gonna say something hurtful to the person we love.. God knows.. God sees it all.. and none of these things could stop Him to die for us in calvary.. None..
Salvation is free for us, but it cost Him His life..
But, don't get me wrong.. Yes, Jesus already died for us, but it didn't automatically make all the people in the world save.. His forgiveness is for all people, but people have to accept it..
Contoh sederhana, satu hari hampir semua jalan menuju Plaza Indonesia ditutup, tapi ada satu jalan yang dibuka, satu-satunya jalan yang dibuka.. jalan itu ada disana terbuka untuk siapa yang mau melewatinya.. orang-orang bisa sampe ke Plaza Indonesia hanya dengan melewati jalan itu... that means they have to take that path to go there.. people who know but don't want to take the path or don't know about the path, can't get to Plaza Indonesia , because no matter how hard they try, that path is the only way to get there, there's no other way..
I hope you guys can get my point..We're saved when we said yes to His invitation.. accept Him.. acknowledge Him as the one and only way.. believe, obey and trust Him.. Ingat, Jesus is the only way!!

So, now we know the truth, what's next?
We have His love for free.. Go!!! Share about how good God is.. share His love..
Jesus came to serve and not to be served.. He saw people and He loved and cared for them even when it was inconvenient and costly (ingat kisah Tuhan kasih makan orang banyak dengan makan siang anak kecil?!.. Tuhan tidak menyuruh orang-orang itu cari makan sendiri-sendiri... padahal kan mreka ikutin Tuhan dengan kemauan sendiri.. Hati Tuhan itu luar biasa banget.. hehe).. Tuhan mengasihi kita, maka kita mengasihi orang lain.. Love God.. Love people..
We’ve been forgiven and received mercy and love freely, we can give of ourselves and love others freely

“This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you. Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends. You are my friends if you do what I command you.”  John 15 : 12- 14 

Now, it's up to you.. Is it gonna be happy ending? A life filled with God's love.. or a tragedy?

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