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My Midnight

July 14, 2009

So, here I am..in the middle of the night..trying to pull myself together..
Ouh..I'm trying to remember whose birthday is today..And I can't find any single name on my chaotic brain.. Well, whoever you are happy birthday to you..
Back to my midnight writing, actually I can't find any real reason to write tonight..
it just I'm little bit 'uncalm' (uhm..is that the right phrase for it???)
Tomorrow (today, If I may) I'm planning to go to another town..It all happen so fast, I didn't even got a chance to breathe..Only in a glimpse of eye, everything took places..
It so amazing how's life turn..It can make anyone grows in unpredicted kind of way..I am grateful for all those incredibles things that happened in my life..
Ohhh, gosh..can't believe this..Rambling and rambling..hahaha..
(Arrgggghhh....I should've done some of my summer writings projects..but, I got really overwhelmed with the works..Sorry, reb guys..I promise I keep it up..)

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