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July 18, 2009

It's been a very long week. I spent of my days out of town and got really overwhelmed with my works..talking about frustrated, I'm grateful and actually, a little bit wondering how on earth I can keep the sanity of mine in the midst of all crazy events this week..*sigh*

So..now, it's weekend and it's 'Me' time..

I ate too much rice at breakfast and after all the fullness *big grin*, I've decided to read some of my fave blog.. I came across a thought about purity.. The topic is needed to be elaborate since there have been so many occasions when I have encountered young men and women who are in struggle with this issue. Some of my closest girlfriends have the same concern about purity and in the past, in our kiddult, we often talk about this..We choose to be different and to be totally freaks just to keep the innocent and purity. We draw the lines of self controlled and self obedience to God in a very young age.. We were constantly prayed each other about our stormy teenage years.. We took care each other back.. And it's so amazing that today we can say that we survived through those rough years.. We finally made it. Girls, how I miss y'all.. I miss those days when we running through the rain.. I miss y'all held my hand, cried with me, and laugh with me in my ups and downs.. Gosh, really miss the good old days..

Sometimes, we're all make mistakes and I still remember the favourite phrase we said each other that ‘You’re facing a choice. If you are truly a follower of Jesus Christ, then you must choose Jesus and you must turn your back on every self-centered and unbiblical attitudes'.

Thanks for always be there, gals..

Ouwh, I'm so excited today because one of my very best girlfriend who expecting baby is coming home..She's planning to give birth my dearest nephew in our hometown..This my very closest friend that I also called as my own sister is the prove that we made it. She made it. She married her husband after the purest love story ever (It's bias, I know). At their time of engagement, they lived in two different towns.. A lot of prayers and tears became the normal theme for their love.. I was witnessing their hard long distance relationship but truly dedicated to each other. It all happen purely not only because their love to each other but of their love of God.. And after loads of phone bills and insomnia, they married in our hometown. The wife told me that till now they're expecting baby, they're love is not the same as the first time they've met but it continually grow bigger and bigger each single day.. God is the first priority in their life since the age of singleness and also in their phase as a family.. Hope all the best for them, and baby nephew, hugs and kisses for you, son..

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