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places of her heart

November 12, 2008

Ada sebuah puisi karya Henry F.Lyte yang aku baca ..I love it..and I wish you gonna love it too..

When God wants to drill a man
and thrill a man
and skill a man,
to play the noblest part.
When He yearns with all His heart
to create so bold a man
that the entire world will be amazed.
Watch His methods,
watch His ways.
How He ruthlessly perfects
whom He royally elects.
How He hammers him
and hurts him
with mighty blows converts him
into trial shapes of clay
which only God understands.
How He bends but never breaks
those whose good He undertakes.
How He uses what He chooses
and with every purpose fuses him,
to act and by every act induces him
to try His splendor out.
God knows what he’s about.

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