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Sayonara 2008

December 30, 2008

The year of 2008 gonna be ended in days..Didn't see where that coming..
Sepertinya baru beberapa bulan lalu, aq ngerasa ada di tahun 2008..What a year, huh???!!!
Full of laughters..full of tears..oh dont forget the anger..quarrel..a little bit taste of rebellion..and like the past years, it's a colourful year for me..
In 2008, my beautiful goddaughter's born..
In 2008, my two dearest friends got married..to each other..
In 2008, love ones passed away..
In 2008, got new boss and co-worker..
In 2008, got a new house..
In 2008, got a cute puppy who wont stop running..Go, Sherlock!!!
In 2008, my cat gave birth two adorable kittens..Welcome Hazel and Snowy..
In 2008, lose weight (almost 10 pounds)..and i'm not even doin' any paticular diet..
In 2008, fell in love with CS Lewis, J.R.R Tolkien, Harper Lee..and some of world's best writers..
In 2008, become a vocalist for a band (guyz..don't you think i'm too old for this kinda stuff..cant do those rockin' style..hahaha)
In 2008..done a lotta things..been in lotta places..got a lotta troubles..got a lotta helping hands..
In 2008, there're still unfinished stories..dreams..promises..and its all gonna be waiting to be conquered in 2009..
Exciting..curios and a little bit fear of future..but i got this warm feeling in my heart that everything gonna be alright..i'll survive!!!
Happy New Year, everybody..
All the best wishes for the year to come..
God bless..

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