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Write the Writinglessness

June 23, 2009

Whoa!!!!!!!!No writings in three months?! Talking about productivity, huh?? The lack of writings are not intend to happen. It’ll because of my dearest hectic life was flowing like a river in the canal full of rocks. There’s no option of anything. No option of putting myself in a cozy chair and starting to write down my strange thoughts. And absolutely no option of daydreaming.
But, anyway, despite of all the writinglessness, I’ve got a grand plan somewhere here in the part of my random mind iniside of my tiny brain. So, as a ransom thinker, the plan will be so random too. And I’ve decided to post about it before the muse is gone with the wind.
These past months had gave me a wonderfully blessed days, days to share and cherish as well like other days in my life. Great things have taken place in part of my years of living lately. Let me briefly elaborate it here:

  1. This May, I’ve done a trip to several cities i.e Jakarta, Semarang and Jogjakarta (alone --of course) just in two weeks. And I visited beautiful hindu and buddha’s temples there too. Some great places. Took some pictures but I guess it never enough. Sort of doing some research for pre wedding pictures. LOL.Basicly, it’s so amazing, all the people, places and the trip itself. I might going to tell about all the details of the trip in my next posts (hopefully..).

  2. I stayed with my best friends who move to Jakarta last year. They’re waiting on baby now. And I’m grateful for having them as friends and family, they have always open up their hearts and doors for me. Thank you bro and sista..Love y’all.

  3. I did something that is purely spontaneous on my way back to my hometown. I talk to stranger. That’s another story to share.

  4. Another thing happen spontaneously (yeah, right?!), I gain extra pounds. It’s okay when the pants still fit in, but when I hardly can’t breathe while wear the pants, I can say that’s a major problem. Top priority.

  5. Uhm..oh yeach..my friends and part of family in Semarang just gave birth their first baby girl. Welcome Nara. Lots of love for you, dear.

Well..I’ve said it..guess that’s all. Uhm..it totally relieving to write and post something here. Can’t wait to post another writings. By the way the picture was taken in Lawang Sewu, Semarang, one of the place I visited. thought it look great.

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