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Multitasking Freak..

September 10, 2009

I spent half of my day of the special date of 090909 in the airport.. I was on my way to another town..
Well.. actually the distance of my hometown to the town of my destination isn't so far.. Probably about one hour by plane.. but the problem is : there's no direct flight.. So, the only way to go there besides driving car for three days is fly one and a half hours to this town and take another plane to go there in one hour..what a trip, huh?! (wait 'til you hear about another trip.. hehehe)
Soooo..here I am.. sitting in the coffe shop.. listening to the radio.. texting my friend back home ---yawning--- for multitasking it still felt boring.. Really wish can do something about the time wasted --- talking to a friend ---

Speaking of multitasking, I just realize how multitasking freak I am.. At my daily work hours, I can type letter while chatting on the net and checking out some cool articles.. doing some researches for my personal projects.. Ouch.. Oh, I also snack (is that even count?) --- listening MP3 ---

But anyway, it interested me much about the reality of ability of people to multitasking.. Gosh, you gotta have an extraordinary capability to keep focus on every tasks you do.. because when you don't concentrating good enough, you might won't finish anything at all.. And the result of your multitasking is zero a.k.a nothing.. (Uhm.. speaking of multitasking freak' bias) --- replying text message ---

On these days, multitasking or performing more than one task in one time, is totally normal, since today there're so many things we want to accomplished but there's so little time..

But, multitasking have bad effect too (ouch..)..The effect is sometimes you won't do your task perfectly..that's happen because you (okay..I am too) do something without proper focus ---drinking --- The result is not always terrible but sometimes there some specs we forget to consider because of the lack of attention on the details.. and dome people said multitasking make you slow down and eventually you become stupid (harsh!!).

Hey.. show me one person who don't multitasking these days??! (believe me, there's none)..

Alrighty then, instead of pointing finger to the multitasking people out there, let's learn how to maximize things up --- blogwalking -- it's okay to be multitasking freak (thank you) but for some moments, we need to do some efforts on doing one task at one time, focus in and finish it completely.. afterward, go on another task.. hehehe.. let us all cross fingers and hope for the best. then --- checking e-mail ---
It's hard but worth to give it a try..

Note : the italics means multitasking I perform while writing this post.. Yay!!

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