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What so good of knowing English?

May 20, 2010

Remember couple of months ago, I got a panic attack of having an English test?!

Well, guess what?! I DID IT!!! I managed to pull myself together and do my best during the test..

The result is.... roll the drums, please.. I got a high score..

Well actually there is a friend who got higher score than me, but hey, the score I've got is kind of a miracle for me, considering the lack of correct grammar in both written and spoken English I have..

After all celebrations and euphoria, I suddenly realized that English is not having the important role of my life anymore.. Y'all must've think 'what's on earth do you talk about, Vidya?"

Well here are the truth, my daily job isn't required English proficiency.. everyday I snuggled with my dear ol' bahasa.. I've lost some of my companions in English speaking since they move to another town or they stop calling me.. Hmm... sad, I know..

So, all the facts, make me come to a conclusion, what so good of knowing English, since I don't use ite actively like I used to be.. Is this passion of English useless? Or is it supposed to mean something? For now, I couldn't figure out the answers.. I used to believe that every human being got a certain purpose to be born on earth, so that every capabilities, abilities and talents are given to equipped every man to be able to accomplished their mission..

Guess, I just dont know what to do with English, huh?!

Hmmm... need time to contemplate this thought from all sides.. and hopefully, find my English passion booster.. Amen..

Enjoy your day, guyz..

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