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June 16, 2010

Okay then, been doing' lot of thinking on what the good of English and still can't came up with the answer. Guess wasn't think about it seriously (well, if you see how hectic my life can be everyday, y'all understond the reason)
Dunno if this can be called as English Passion Booster, but a friend and I committed to pick a book and try to do some reviews on it. For the start, our choice is The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown. And you know what, it's almost a month now, and I still struggle on finishing one page every single day. Gosh, never thought it can be this hard. The funny thing was I finished Diary of A Wimpy Kid on the second day after I bought it (I bought The Lost Symbol and Diary of A Wimpy Kid in the same day.. Voila).
End of June is couple of days away that's mean our dateline is coming soon. Gotta find a tool to help read the book and finish it just in two or three days. Wish I have eyes like Superman has. Hey, don"t laugh. I'm not much of fun of his red and blue outfit but I can live with the super power (at least it can help me with my reading speed).

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