"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter" Dr. Martin Luther King Jr

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February 2, 2011

Reflection.. Uhm,.. I’m not doing it a lot lately, too much thing to think about, too much thing to do, too much thing to worried about. So, after office hours today, I spent few minutes to read about a glimpse of my past and dreams about future on this blog. After I read it, it’s strange but I felt so sad and full of regrets. I don’t know for sure why I feel that way, I just felt it.

So, while I’m writing about it, I’m doing my little reflection of my own. The big question is where is that girl who wrote all of those amazing things go? I don’t see her now. I couldn’t find her anywhere. Is it possible that I’ve lost that girl?! Or am I evolving too much?? It sure does a big question. A question that I don’t know the answer or how to answer it.

Life always has it owns story to tell. it’s amazing to watch children grow from a baby who depends on her mom’s support to do anything to a person who can speak her mind and stand in her own feet. I don’t know where is my stand on this life. I only know that this year of 2011 is still full of mystery.

In the past, path were taken, choices were made, tears were shed, and we just enjoy every seconds of it. I’m just hoping that I’m still have the chance to look back and say “ I’ve made it. God has brought me this far through sadness and happiness, and I’ve made it through with His hands on mine.” I hope, someday… I really do..

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