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the “F” Word

May 19, 2011

First thing I did this morning was lurking at my old pictures. Actually those aren’t too old, it taken two years ago. but the differ between my current state and those pics are the weight gain. I’m gaining 20 pounds these last two years. And that scares me, makes me wondering what had happened to my body. All of my life as long as I can remember, I have experienced ups and downs of weight. I can be so skinny I can be and been as fat as I can be. It really scares me to gain weight because of family medical history doesn’t give me the privelege to become large. As long as we taking care of ourselves and keep our weight in certain number, we can be healthy and perhaps live long enough to see our grandchildren and their children.

any way, I gotta go. I got lotta things to do before lunch time.

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